Katamiya Discussions Part 3

This is my final day to work on Katamiya for at least 2 weeks. I have packed my marimba and will load up the mini-van tomorrow to head to Appleton, Wisconsin for the Zeltsman Marimba Festival.

This week I have 2 new videos. The first I discuss a bit about the other videos and interaction happening with Katamiya so far. I cannot believe that there are 14 videos uploaded as part of this interactive contest. Congratulations everyone and keep it up!

The second video is a clip of my playing measures 2-9. These measures are still pretty rough but I am trying to establish the groove first and clean up the accents next. I also had a personal goal that I was going to put up a video before I left for the festival – no matter where I was in the piece. I have been quite busy working on my 4 other pieces this week.

Stay tuned to this blog for the next two weeks as I will be keeping the blog up to date with information on the marimba festival and the 24 new marimba pieces that will be premiered at this event. I simply cannot wait!

Katamiya Discussions – Part 2

This last week has been a whirlwind for me as I finished up all of my work projects (I am a Quality Leader at Adobe Systems Incorporated) before my sabbatical. Some high tech companies have decided to eliminate their sabbatical programs in recent years and I am thrilled that Adobe Systems continues to have this program as a benefit for their employees. It is also amazing that is has been over 11 years since I started working there.

Back to the marimba…

I have placed a new video online discussing Katamiya as part of the PATV online learning contest. This video discusses the recordings that I know of that contain this piece as well as my thoughts on the pronunciation. After months of posting video as part of the last piece (Gordon Stout’s Etude #3), I decided it was time to actually talk in one of my videos.

A big thanks to Matt, Torrin, and Steve for posting videos about their first week’s experience with the piece! The next video later this week will include more playing. I am trying to squeeze in measures from this piece as I polish my other pieces for the Zeltsman Marimba Festival next week so we will see how far I get!

Learning Katamiya with PATV Part 1

Thomas Burritt via Percussion Axiom TV has announced that the next interactive piece that we are learning on the marimba is “Katamiya”. He has teamed up with Steve Weiss Music and is offering prizes this time for the people who are the most interactive. His introduction to the contest is below:

Today, he started the instruction with PATV episode #39 shown next:

I am so thrilled to be learning this piece. I probably will always be labeled as the marimbist who loves “pretty” marimba music and I am ok with that label. This piece fits squarely into that category!

I have posted a video of measure 1 (played with block chords as instructed instead of rolls) as well as the right hand of measure 2-9. The left hand is going to need some more work as that is a groove rhythm requiring me to write in the sticking. I decided to break down the piece into the right hand and left hand components. I am not sure if that approach will work as it will require the hands to come back in sync later.

All comments welcome! Enjoy “Katamiya” Take 1:

3 weeks until Zeltsman Marimba Festival 2009

Tuesday I received the Zeltsman Marimba Festival 2009 brochure in the mail. I attached it here because it has some very nice photography work by Claudia Hansen.

ZMF 2009

ZMF 2009

Trivia question – which piece is being played in this photo (it appears to need a marimba, gong and triangle) and what is the name of this marimbist? I actually don’t know the answer to either question but please post comments if you do know!

I have a lot of practing left to do on the three pieces that I will have “ready” to play. Currently that list is going to be “Nancy” by Emmanuel Sejourne, “The Offering” by Michael Burritt, “Etude #3” by Gordon Stout.

The next interactive learning piece is “Katamiya” by Emmaneul Sejourne so I will also be spending some time with that. It is doubtful I will have it fully ready for the festival but I am going to try!

3 more videos of Stout Etude 3

As I continue to participate in the Percussion Axiom TV online learning exercise, I have recorded 3 more versions of Gordon Stout’s Etude #3 from Book 1. My note accuracy has increased and these versions now have somewhat of a groove. I feel pretty comfortable now with playing these in front of people. Wait a minute, my earlier versions were on YouTube for the entire world to see, I better be comfortable!

This online learning exercise started in February so it has been a 5 month journey. This is the hardest piece I have ever learned on the marimba so personally this is a pretty thrilling moment. My next post will talk about the new learning exercise that was just announced (complete with prizes for participants). I am ready to continue the journey and cannot wait to see who else joins in!

The 3 videos below are the entire etude played at varying tempos. Take 11 at the top is the best recording I have done to date. Enjoy!

Take 11:

Take 10:

Take 9 (slower tempo):