Momoko Kamiya’s new marimba CD “Pieces of Peace”

Momoko Kamiya has released her new CD “Pieces of Peace”. You can read more about it at her Facebook announcement page.

I had the privilege of meeting Momoko Kamiya at the Marimba 2010 International Festival and Conference.  She premiered a piece called “Blossoms in the Sunlight” on the opening concert and was part of my previous blog post about the festival.

At minimum everyone should go spend $1 and buy that track right now. It is similar to “Land” and very lyrical and gorgeous. Another favorite is “HATO-OTO” which has a surprisingly jazzy section and is another one of my marimba solo favorites of recent years.

She teams up with Bodgan Bacanu on “Atom Hearts Duo” as well which I will be spending more time listening to this week.

Go support another marimbist and purchase these tracks today!

50th Anniversary PAS Marimba Orchestra

One of the great things happening at next year’s PASIC is the 50th Anniversary PAS Marimba Orchestra. Gordon Stout will be conducting. There are 50 slots for students to fill this orchestra and you can apply by heading over to this site.

You do have to bring a marimba with you to PASIC to participate. Good luck to everyone and I hope you pass the audition and are accepted!