Learning Katamiya with PATV Part 1

Thomas Burritt via Percussion Axiom TV has announced that the next interactive piece that we are learning on the marimba is “Katamiya”. He has teamed up with Steve Weiss Music and is offering prizes this time for the people who are the most interactive. His introduction to the contest is below:

Today, he started the instruction with PATV episode #39 shown next:

I am so thrilled to be learning this piece. I probably will always be labeled as the marimbist who loves “pretty” marimba music and I am ok with that label. This piece fits squarely into that category!

I have posted a video of measure 1 (played with block chords as instructed instead of rolls) as well as the right hand of measure 2-9. The left hand is going to need some more work as that is a groove rhythm requiring me to write in the sticking. I decided to break down the piece into the right hand and left hand components. I am not sure if that approach will work as it will require the hands to come back in sync later.

All comments welcome! Enjoy “Katamiya” Take 1:

2 thoughts on “Learning Katamiya with PATV Part 1

  1. Great job jeff. Thanks for posting this. Thanks also for the marimba competition link. Interesting to see the Simon and the Aldridge on the list. I can tell you right now, the Aldridge is great but difficult! I think you would like it though.. Practicing a lot these days!

  2. I am so happy that others are posting videos at http://video.steveweissmusic.net for the interactive contest. Really high quality stuff! I cannot wait to hear and see the Paul Simon at ZMF 2009. I have the Aldridge and know it is too advanced for me now. I do love the sound of it and one day will get there.

    Yes I am practicing a lot these days! I haven’t practiced this much since college juries over 10 years ago!

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