3 more videos of Stout Etude 3

As I continue to participate in the Percussion Axiom TV online learning exercise, I have recorded 3 more versions of Gordon Stout’s Etude #3 from Book 1. My note accuracy has increased and these versions now have somewhat of a groove. I feel pretty comfortable now with playing these in front of people. Wait a minute, my earlier versions were on YouTube for the entire world to see, I better be comfortable!

This online learning exercise started in February so it has been a 5 month journey. This is the hardest piece I have ever learned on the marimba so personally this is a pretty thrilling moment. My next post will talk about the new learning exercise that was just announced (complete with prizes for participants). I am ready to continue the journey and cannot wait to see who else joins in!

The 3 videos below are the entire etude played at varying tempos. Take 11 at the top is the best recording I have done to date. Enjoy!

Take 11:

Take 10:

Take 9 (slower tempo):

One thought on “3 more videos of Stout Etude 3

  1. Wow Jeff! What an improvement since the last video. It is so encouraging to me to see how this has developed since beginning to end. Thanks!

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