Colorado Chorale Marimba “Mass of Hope”

The Colorado Chorale, as part of their 39th season, is performing the Misa Tariro Marimba Mass of Hope by Kutandara leader Michael McIntosh. This work is inspired by Zimbabwean community worship ceremonies will be performed on March 22, 2009.

Full of energy and excitement it sounds pretty cool! The movements with marimbas specifically are 1, 2, 3, and 5. My favorite is movement 2 – Gloria. The deep resonant lowest octave is wonderfully recorded and blended with the choir! This also fits my personal definition of being audience accessible.

If you don’t live in the Boulder area, you can listen to their rehearsal MP3’s below.

Movement 1 -Ishe_Todzungaira_Kyrie, Movement 2 – Gloria, Movement 3 – Sanctus Benedictus, Movement 4 – Agnus Dei, Movement 5 – Tariro.

If anyone knows more about this piece please comment below!