Momoko Kamiya’s new marimba CD “Pieces of Peace”

Momoko Kamiya has released her new CD “Pieces of Peace”. You can read more about it at her Facebook announcement page.

I had the privilege of meeting Momoko Kamiya at the Marimba 2010 International Festival and Conference.  She premiered a piece called “Blossoms in the Sunlight” on the opening concert and was part of my previous blog post about the festival.

At minimum everyone should go spend $1 and buy that track right now. It is similar to “Land” and very lyrical and gorgeous. Another favorite is “HATO-OTO” which has a surprisingly jazzy section and is another one of my marimba solo favorites of recent years.

She teams up with Bodgan Bacanu on “Atom Hearts Duo” as well which I will be spending more time listening to this week.

Go support another marimbist and purchase these tracks today!

16 thoughts on “Momoko Kamiya’s new marimba CD “Pieces of Peace”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I am checking with Steve Weiss Music as well as Momoko Kamiya’s Facebook page. I also want this sheet music so I will let you know.

  2. Did you find anything about publications of sheet music on Pieces of Peace? I really want the sheet music!

  3. Hi Katie,
    Sorry I haven’t had much luck. I tried reaching out to Momoko Kamiya’s Facebook fan page as well as contacting Mark Ford and Steve Weiss. I will keep trying but it might be that they are not published yet.


  4. I actually carried on a conversation with the composer (had to get several emails translated from Japanese) and asked him about the music several months ago. He told me he had to wait for it to be published. But yeah, still not out yet.

  5. Hello, I’m trying to find the sheet music for Spirit, which I highly recommend in the album “Pieces of Peace.” Does anyone know if it has been published and is out on the internet somewhere? Or is it still not for sale. Thanks for your time.

  6. Does anyone have an idea of when sheet music for the album “Pieces of Peace” will be released/published to the general public?

  7. Hi Sam,

    No I don’t. I have repeatedly tried to contact Momoko Kamiya directly to no avail. I will try again this summer at ZMF 2014 as I also really want the music from this album as it is quite beautiful. I will keep trying.

  8. Hello again, I’m here (yet again) to inquire about another piece. A three movement composition entitled “A Letter” by momoko kamiya. I can’t seem to find it anywhere, so I was just wondering if maybe someone else might have stumbled across it. Thanks for your time,

  9. Hi Sam,

    I have tried to email Momoko Kamiya again through her Facebook page to no avail. I am going to try and ask on the Facebook group “All Marimba Players” as a last attempt to find out about her pieces. Sorry I couldn’t immediately help!

  10. I am afraid that there is no new information on getting this sheet music published. I would be willing to donate money to get it published and I have suggested that a number of people but I don’t think it is going to happen. I have expressed that there are many percussionists that would buy it if they published it.

    If I do hear anything I will post it here.


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