DrumChattr – A New Percussion/Marimba Resource

A new percussion/marimba resource has been added to the Internet recently. That resource is the website http://www.drumchattr.com.

This site is the brainchild of Thomas Burritt, Shane Griffin and Dave Gerhart. More information about their story can be found at their About Page.

It has only been a month or so since they have been live and already the quality of content is pretty amazing. There is a podcast where the hosts talk amongst themselves and cover topics from the forums. They also interview famous percussionists like Peter Erskine, and Paul Rennick, and others.

Sites like the Percussive Arts Society already have percussion forums for discussion and I don’t believe it is the intent of DrumChattr to replace that. But this does give another place to discuss specific topics from graduate auditions to being a professional. They also post high quality percussion performance videos.

I have added this site to my RSS feed and will be visiting frequently and I encourage you to do so as well. If I think of a really good idea, maybe I will even contribute an article in the future!

One thought on “DrumChattr – A New Percussion/Marimba Resource

  1. Jeff – Thanks for the kind words. We are doing our best to create content and it is always great to see what people think of the site. We also really appreciate your involvement in the forums.

    Thanks again – Dave

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