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First of all congratulations to the Minnesota Twins for making the playoffs and for getting home field advantage in the division series against the Yankees! This series will come down to which team has better pitching in my opinion and I am excited for it to start. Now on to the post.

I am very excited about the other marimba bloggers out there and one of them is Charlie over at He has done some great episodes about the Burton grip recently as well as a number of other great episodes.

Charlie recently posted the sight reading of the week for marimba and I couldn’t resist trying it. Remember the purpose of this was to sight read this without any practice at all. Here is my performance:

So there are wrong notes and tempo issues but for the first attempt I was happy with the fact that it is mostly right. I was also able to think about the crescendo and some accents. I consider myself pretty bad at sight reading so I am happy for the challenge. Thanks again to Charlie for writing this piece and posting it!

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  1. Dude that’s awesome! Thanks for recording, that takes some real courage to post a sight reading video of yourself. You rock! 😉

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