Zelstman Marimba Festival – New Music Weekend

As I have posted before, I will be attending this year’s ZMF (Zeltsman Marimba Festival) in Appleton, Wisconsin. All of the participants spots are filled now but there are plenty of opportunities to join in the festival as an observer (that is what I did last year when I drove over for the 5-hour participant’s concert).

This year in the middle of the festival there is a new music weekend July 3-5. You can pay a small fee (roughly $225) to attend 3 concerts, 4 composer talks, and 1 master class. All 24 of the new intermediate marimba solos will be performed by Ivana Bilic, Thomas Burritt, Jean Geoffroy, Beverley Johnston, William Moersch, Gordon Stout, Jack Van Geem, Nancy Zeltsman.

This is truly a great opportunity to participate in the festival if you only have enough time to attend 1 of the weekends. Come be a part of this historic event in marimba history! You have until June 1st to register for this event. For more information and up to the minute information, head over to the official web site of the New Music Weekend. I personally cannot wait for the Paul Simon marimba composition!

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