Marimba One launches new website

Marimba One has launched a new website focused on sound. The new site shows the differences between the resonators and also now links to video clips of the sound of the different mallets that Marimba One makes.

I hope to see in the future video examples of the sound of the different keyboard voicing choices (how is the sound different between Premium, Enhanced, Traditional, and Educational) as well.

I always love the artist quotes on the site, but the recent one by Danny Elfman is great:

“All roads led to Ron Samuels and marimba one.¬†We talked about what my needs and expectations were and he went and built me an instrument that exceeded all my expectations. It’s a thing of beauty, both sonically and visually. I’ve already used it in my latest score. It plays and records wonderfully. Thank you marimba one.”

Danny Elfman, Composer, Musician

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