Zeltsman Marimba Festival 2011 Announced

Nancy Zeltsman has announced that the 2011 Zeltsman Marimba Festival (ZMF) will take place at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin from June 26th to July 9th.

This year’s faculty includes: Nanae Mimura, Fumito Nunoya, Christos Rafalides, Dane Richeson, Jack Van Geem, Nancy Zeltsman.

For more information including registration materials, please visit http://www.zmf.us

2 thoughts on “Zeltsman Marimba Festival 2011 Announced

  1. Would love to be there. Sounds great. I was thinking of bringing my custom hand made (by Peter Bush-Estacada, Oregon) marimba for sale (soon on e-Bay) , curved 3 1/2 octave, tuned, Honduran rosewood keys, double octave resonators on lower keys. It is truly a fully functional art piece designed to look like an elephant (tusks, toenails and all) with exceptional sound quality. Let me know if you know anyone interested before February when I list it on e-Bay.

  2. Thanks Daniel. I would like to see a picture of that marimba. Sounds interesting. If you want to send me a picture at marimba [at] jeffsass.com I would love to see it.

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