Marimba 2010 International Festival and Conference on Minnesota Public Radio

It has been awhile since my last blog post because I have been at the hospital for the birth of our son Owen Sass! For photos and other exciting news look for that on my Facebook page. But this is a marimba blog so let’s talk marimbas!

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Marimba 2010 International Festival and Conference! In preparation for this fantastic event, I moved my Marimba One to the Cathedral of Saint Paul. There are at least 20 marimbas over there for the concert with VocalEssence this Friday night! Listening to a marimba in a cathedral is a pretty moving experience. I can only imagine what it will sound like with all of these marimbas and voices in one of the greatest acoustic halls here in Minnesota.

There is a great article on the VocalEssence page talking about the events this weekend as well as an interview on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) with Fernando Meza! Enjoy them as we will really get started tomorrow when the festival begins!

2 thoughts on “Marimba 2010 International Festival and Conference on Minnesota Public Radio

  1. Jeff,

    I saw you at the festival but didn’t get a chance to come up and say “hello” and meet you! Great job on your blog…I look forward to reading your thoughts on the event!


    Dr. Kenyon Williams
    Minnesota State University Moorhead

  2. Hi Dr. Williams!
    Great job to you and your students on your performance at the festival! I am starting to blog tonight on the festival so stay tuned for more posts! Thanks for stopping by!

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