Italy Percussion (and Marimba) Competition September 3-12, 2010

This September 3-12, 2010 the “International Competition for Marimba, Vibraphone, Timpani, Snare Drum, Drumset and Composition for Percussion Instruments and Drumset” will take place in Fermo-Marche (Italy). It will be held during the 8th edition of the International Festival “Days of Percussion” with Master Classes, Clinics, Concerts and expositions. The competition and Festival is being organized by the Italy Percussive Arts Society.

The deadline to apply to the competition is June 1, 2010. Musicians from every country can take part in the competition. The soloists will be divided into 3 age categories (16, 23 and 30 years old) as well as 5 instrument sections Marimba, Vibraphone, Timpani, Snare Drum and Drumset.

The competition for the composers will be divided into 5 sections and there is no age limit.
1 – One percussionist
2 – DUO – percussion and piano
3 – One percussionist and Orchestra
4 – Only percussions  from DUO to SEXTET
5 – Percussions and other instruments from DUO  to SEXTET

For more information about this competition, please visit the web site at :

5 thoughts on “Italy Percussion (and Marimba) Competition September 3-12, 2010

  1. Do you happen to know the age limit for the marimba section of this competition? The translation is not very clear on the the website for this event.

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