Classical Marimba League announces 2010 International Marimba Artists Competition

The Classical Marimba League has announced their 2010 International Marimba Artists Competition. The competition will feature the set piece “Short Stories mvmt 2” by Bruce Broughton. This piece requires marimba and piano accompaniment. It has multiple movements, but only movement 2 is required. Participants should also prepare 2-3 other marimba solos that “display different musical styles” and “demonstrate your strongest musical attributes”.

The application is available online as well as the music for the set piece which you can buy at Steve Weiss Music. Submissions need to be made on DVD (not just audio CD) and need to include the $40 application fee. The deadline for submission is February 1, 2010. If you would like to listen to the movements of Short Stories, C. Alan Publications has samples on their web site.

I am thrilled that the winner’s of this competition will perform at the University of Minnesota in a showcase concert. It was a real treat to see this last year and I will definitely make the trip in April 2010.

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