Percussion Axiom TV #29 – Part 2

As noted in my first post about Percussion Axiom TV #29 we are working on the Gordon Stout Etude #3 measures 15-37. As I worked a few more hours with this middle section I noticed I was playing a few wrong notes by expecting the end of measure 18, 21, 23 and 25 to end on the same octave D. But each measure is different so play attention when playing this part.

I also noticed when I watched the recording of myself that even after my pause around measure 33, I still wasn’t playing the correct notes. I have to remember that while practicing, it is more important to watch the music and learn the notes correctly than trying to play through it at a faster tempo.

My playing is posted below to see a mostly right performance of the longer middle section of the piece. I am excited that there are only about 8 measures of new material left.  Then I will have to really start working on my evil plot to ensure the next marimba piece we learn together is tonal. 🙂 Yes, Dr. Burritt I am talking to you!

Enjoy my “take 6” of the Etude.

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