Learning an Etude online

As part of the Percussion Axiom TV weekly podcast by Thomas Burritt, I am learning Gordon Stout’s Etude #3 from Book 1 of Etudes. If you want to follow along, feel free to sign up for the weekly podcast.

One of the ways to assist in learning a new piece is to record yourself playing it and critique yourself. With the available tools in many computers, and hosting web sites like YouTube, you can take that one step further and post your videos for others to view and post comments.

I have posted my first 4 attempts of measures 1-14 of this piece on YouTube in the MarimbaSass channel.

This effort has payed off already as I received a comment saying that I was playing a part of one of the measures in the wrong octave. I went back to the music and confirmed he was correct. Take 4 now has the corrected notes. Now that is a real use of these Web 2.0 social media tools. For the other marimbists learning the piece, feel free to post your playing too!

One thought on “Learning an Etude online

  1. wow, that is a big instrument with a very pleasant sound. I had never heard of the marimba before. I like that it is so traditional and can be constructed in such a wide range from rudimentary to sophisticated. thanks for the intro.

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